Don't Run on Empty!

Key Advice For Companies Using Oil Reclamation Services To Save Money

If you use oil a lot for industrial operations and want to reduce the costs of this substance, one thing you can do is use professional oil reclamation services. They involve reconditioning the same oil to restore its properties, which lets you use it over and over. As long as you use these services in the following ways, you'll be happy with how oil reclamation turns out. 

Utilize Free Consultations 

If you've never had oil on your site reclaimed before, then you probably should talk to a reclamation company to get a better understanding of what's going to happen with your oil. Free consultations are pretty standard, fortunately.

Just reach out letting one of these companies know of your interests in oil reclamation. They can then break down how much it will cost, how long it will take oil to be fully restored back to normal, and the type of contaminants that can be removed from your oil. Then you can book reclamation services once you're on the same page.

Flush Oil System Completely

Whatever systems rely on oil around your industrial site, it's important to flush out oil completely prior to sending this substance off to a company for reclamation services. You need to get every drop to ensure there aren't any remaining contaminants inside your system that would interfere with the clean oil you get after reclamation is completed.

Give yourself plenty of time to complete this flushing and you may even want to hire a professional to inspect said system at the end so that they can make sure you got out as much oil as you can. 

Tell Company What Characteristics You're Looking For

Oil reclamation is a process that can happen in a number of ways depending on what oil properties you're looking for at the end. Just make sure you tell the company performing this service what these characteristics are so that they give you a personalized process from beginning to end.

Then you can trust reclaimed oil has the right purity and can help your systems work a particular way going forward, at least until oil reclamation is needed again in the future. 

A great way to continue using the same oil around your industrial worksite is to have a company reclaim it. You can have amazing results each time too if you book with a responsible reclamation company and prepare for these services appropriately. 

Reach out to an oil reclamation service near you for more information.