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Oak Tree Does Not Look Healthy? 2 Problems It May Have And How To Treat It

If you have an oak tree in your yard, you know how large they can grow. These trees can provide shade for your yard, and they can also look beautiful. If your oak tree does not look healthy, there are many problems it may have, two of which are listed below. You will also find information below on how these problems can be treated by a tree service.


Anthracnose disease can happen often if you live in a region that gets a lot of rain. If you have a large oak tree, buds will break, which will prevent new leaves from growing.  You may also know there is die-back during the winter months. 

The branches on the lower part of the tree will have small brown spots on them, usually under the leaf. These spots are large enough to easily see. Eventually, the spots will spread and cause the branches to die.

To treat anthracnose, the tree service will first prune the tree. This will remove dead branches to help prevent the spread of anthracnose. The best time to do this is when the tree is dormant. Once the dead branches are removed, the tree service will destroy them and make sure they are removed from your yard.

Armillaria Root Rot

Another problem the oak tree may be having is armillaria root rot. If your oak tree has this, the branches will start to die and then fall off. This can be dangerous for anyone standing near the tree or if the tree is close to your home, as the branches would fall on your roof. 

You will notice yellow-colored forms of mushrooms growing around the tree if it has root rot. These mushrooms will be a few inches wide and have a depressed center. If you remove a few pieces of tree bark low on the tree, you may see rhizomorphs, which are generally brown. Rhizomorphs are stringy, and you may see then on the bark's surface also. 

Unfortunately, armillaria root rot will eventually kill the tree. To help with this, a tree service company can remove as many rotted roots as they can and then move the tree to another location. This is not feasible, however, if the tree is very large. If it is, the tree service company will remove the tree, remove the stump, and then grind the stump down.

A tree service company like Joshua Tree & Landscape Co can give you more information about these two problems, as well as tell you about other things that can cause problems with your oak tree.